Illustration featured on the cover of Journal of Biological Chemistry

One of my illustrations created for the lab of Professor Brunger at Stanford has been chosen as a cover illustration with the Journal of Biological Chemistry (Volume 288, Number 34).

This illustration shows synaptic vesicles within the axon terminal of a nerve cell. Some of the vesicles are fused to the membrane, which is initiated by the SNARE complex. The SNARE complex is formed by VAMPs (blue), syntaxins (red), and SNAPs (cyan). The N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor (purple) initiates disassembly of ternary and binary SNARE complexes through recruitment of one α-SNAP (navy).

For more details, please visit the journal online:

[JBC online]

Created for
Stanford University, Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Brunger Lab (Stanford, CA)

Publication Date
August 23, 2013

© 2013 Layla Lang. All rights reserved.


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